Cupcakes Price

Chocolate Moist

Oren Popi
Seri Pandan

S size Solo Cup (5 cm top diameter, 3.5 cm bottom diameter, 3 cm height

Topping Buttecream
RM33 - 16 pcs
RM50 - 25 pcs

Topping Fondant
RM40 - 16 pcs
RM62 - 25 pcs

Size M Solo Cup (5.5 cm top diameter, 4.3 cm bottom diameter, 3.7 cm height)

Topping Buttercream
RM45 - 16 pcs
RM70 - 25 pcs

Topping Fondant
RM52 - 16 pcs
RM80 - 25 pcs

Size L Solo Cup (7 cm top diameter, 5 cm bottom diameter, 4 cm height)

Topping Buttercream
RM60 - 16 pcs
RM90 - 25 pcs

Topping Fondant
RM72 - 16 pcs
RM112 - 25 pcs

Additional price for special deco. For edible image please add RM1 for each cupcake.

Price is subject to change from time to time


Anonymous said...

hi ,
saya nak order chocolate cupcakes for my fren bday on 10 august
n boleh tak buat delivery to to her office at wisma genting jalan sultan ismail
pls quote the price and abt the packaging
i like theme pink and blue
my email add

Beep said...

ada delivery kt kg pandan ? if yes nak oder .

Tini said...

Yes... tapi ada delivery charge...

Anonymous said...

Nk no phone please. Nk order asap

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